A coordinated and enhanced cuisine for the Salvation Army

A coordinated and enhanced cuisine for the Salvation Army

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In collaboration with Wageningen UR, the Salvation Army has set up a system in which surplus by-products coming from the food processing industry can be used to create the thousands of meals that the Salvation Army serves every day to underprivileged people. This initiative offers the following benefits:

• reduction of food waste;

• increase in social cohesion;

• creation of jobs for underprivileged people.

At the intersection of supply and demand

The “Matching Kitchen” system is based on the principle of “Decoupled Cooking”. It matches the supply available in the food industry with the needs of the Salvation Army kitchens and their clients. This practical and logistical system strives for an optimal utilisation of the available foods, adequate methods of preparation and well thought-out service concepts. The priorities? Food safety and nutritive values. The foods are cooked and vacuum-packed in 3 central kitchens, then served according to demand in the 250 distribution points.

A social innovation

A positive meal experience is essential for quality. Meals are an ideal occasion for people to meet and socialise. Moreover, they protect against malnutrition and isolation. A good tip is to delay the moment of choice for as long as possible, preferably until the very moment of eating. If guests can choose what they want and how much, they´ll enjoy the meal more and waste less.

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