Local food to reduce food wastage - Discovering Dutch fish

Local food to reduce food wastage - Discovering Dutch fish

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Dutch fish on the menu! Use of local catches and products can reduce waste within the food chain. So why not give pride of place to our local fish? It is at least as good as imported fish and is guaranteed fresh. The ambassadors were able to appreciate this for themselves on a fishing-themed field trip on 2 July.

Fishing as it is today

Led by Durk van Tuinen of the Nederlandse Visserbond (Netherlands Fisherman’s Association), the ambassadors visited a fish factory in Urk and witnessed the difficulties faced by the fishermen due to the laws and directives that regulate fishing and rejects.

They were also introduced to the innovative initiative called Catch Drive, launched by, among others, Stefan Tijsen, which enables chefs and restaurateurs to order their products direct from the fresh fish wholesale market. Result: a delicious, fresh product, direct from the sea to your plate!

Sampling and experiencing

The ambassadors then found themselves in a local restaurant, where they enjoyed a lunch prepared using rejected fish products. A tasty argument in favour of a certain flexibility with regard to the current regulations. And to round off the experience, the participants were introduced to real fishermen’s work on a fishing trip on the Ijsselmeer.

To sum up the day? Ambassadors convinced more than ever of the benefits of using local products, including fish!

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