Full speed ahead on changing behaviour (April 2012)

Full speed ahead on changing behaviour (April 2012)

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What are the advantages of a sustainable approach? How can we get people moving in that direction? These were the themes tackled by Peter Klosse (de Echoput), scientific gastronome, and Rick van Baaren (Dijksterhuis & Van Baaren www.dijksterhuisvanbaaren.com), professor Behavioural Change, at the GreenCook get-together on changing behaviour that took place on 26 April. Their aim: support the ambassadors in their process of changing behaviour.

Overcoming the fear of change

Faced with change, people can exhibit rebellion, scepticism or inertia. It is therefore a case of finding ways to overcome this resistance. The speakers insisted that it was not a case of, for example, imposing ready-made methods, but to leave room for personal initiatives, for “tailor-made” solutions, while encouraging people to define the when and the how to avoid postponing change indefinitely.

Re-establish the relationship between farmer and cook

Peter Klosse then took his audience back to the past, to the 17th and 18th centuries, when food was still linked to the cycle of the seasons, and was regional and therefore limited. Today the consumer is confronted with an abundance of choice that would have been unimaginable to our ancestors. Produce is safer, cleaner and cheaper, but we must nevertheless face up to an increase in food-related illnesses. And our perception of food is in large part determined by those with vested interests. In addition, food standards are so strict that they are themselves a cause of food waste. It is therefore a case of bringing about a change in perspective, of re-establishing the relationship between the farmer and the cook, and with people who appreciate food for what it is and not for what it can ’bring in’.

To sum up: the time for CHANGE is here! Change our habits, change our way of seeing and acting… And it is necessary to find effective ways and good arguments for bringing it about. The GreenCook.NL ambassadors have taken this on board and intend to serve as examples to the rest of the Netherlands and Europe.

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