Local Food, Less Waste

Local Food, Less Waste

Within the framework of the GreenCook Project, Foundation De Proeftuinen has created an ambassador network of professional chefs within the Out of Home segment. The network includes a variety of caterers and restaurants from different regions and types. Some focus on education and training through their involvement with hospitality schools and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Efficient fight against food waste

The ambassadors made a commitment to reduce food waste in their restaurant throughout 2011 and 2012 by enrolling in the GreenCook programme. The programme addresses six aspects, obviously with a focus on food waste management:

- Local food

Buying local food reduces food miles, increases awareness and strengthens the buyers’ relationship with their environment. The use of fresh products and efficient purchasing and storage make it possible to reduce food waste.

- Menu engineering

What’s on the menu? Working with a small seasonal menu or no menu at all is an efficient way of reducing food waste. You can even offer different portion sizes and types of food service (buffet, a la carte etc).

- Waste management

Actual measurement of food waste at restaurants turns out the biggest part of avoidable food waste is measured when food is prepared.

- Change of behaviour

How to boost awareness and effectively change behaviour in restaurants as well as in society at large? Professionals stimulate the chefs to think outside the box and heighten their awareness of social psychology.

- Communication

The restaurants involve their guests in the chef’s efforts to reduce food waste. This is an essential part of the dining experience: it boosts the popularity of sustainable food and makes demand more consumer-driven.

- Food quality & safety

Regulations on food safety and the quality of the products served are a source of considerable food waste. Practical solutions are necessary to reduce the amount of food waste caused by these regulations.

Who are those ambassadors?

-  Harald Droste - Drostes
-  Jonathan Karpathios – Vork & Mes
-  Peter Gast – T Schulten Hues
-  Jan van de Kreeke - Hospitality Business School
-  Joost Kragtwijk – Kragtwijk Catering
-  Johan Verbon – chef product development sodexo
-  Willem ter Voert – company restaurant House of Province Gelderland
-  Erik te Velthuis – Papendal restaurant 2028
-  Evert Thielen – Gertruda Hoeve
-  Gerhard van den Broek – Landgoed Rhederoord
-  Marnetta Braks – De Hofkaemer
-  Jan Klercq – t Diekhuus
-  Peter Klosse – de echoput
-  Hertzog Olivier – t feithuis
-  Peter Janssen – Peter Pan Kookstudio
-  Rudolf Barkhuijzen – Rijn Ijssel Wageningen

For more information?

For more information visit www.greencook.nl or email us at info@greencook.nl

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