Remarkable results

Remarkable results

There’s no slacking at Proeftuinen ! Throughout the first half of 2012, the GreenCook.NL ambassadors enthusiastically pursued their fight against food waste in their restaurants. The results speak for themselves…

Review of the project in a few words

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Aim: reduce food waste by 20% by the end of 2012 in restaurants in the Netherlands and Europe.

Description: in the context of the GreenCook.NL project, food waste is defined as food lost when it is not put to its primary use, which is: human consumption.

Method: use various ways of encouraging the ambassadors to change their habits in their restaurants.

Results that do not lie


The first results from the Waste Monitor we developed and tested on our GreenCook ambassadors revealed that a large proportion of the food wasted was in the preparation phase and mainly concerned food of vegetable origin.


A second study, carried out more than 6 months later, showed that cooks had consciously reduced this quantity.

The key to success

The secret behind this significant progress lies in genuine awareness and creative inspiration. By, on the one hand, consciously measuring the quantity of food they throw away, they become aware of how much they throw away and put themselves in a position to take action. On the other hand, by meeting other ambassadors and exchanging ideas with them, the chefs inspire each other and learn to prepare the most intricate and astonishing dishes with the least possible waste.

The GreenCook.NL project is far from finished… So we can look forward to a promising future!

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