4 work directions to influence in-home and out-of-home consumption

Fighting against food wastage requires to combine work on consumer behaviour and optimisation of the food offer. For this purpose, the GreenCook partnership has identified 4 work directions, corresponding to 4 emblematic places of consumption, themselves connected to 4 groups of key players :

- At home, in the kitchen: precarious households and audiences, waste-managing local authorities
- In the restaurant, in the company canteen: catering professionals
- In the school canteen: teachers and pupils (education); cooks (management)
- At the supermarket: producers, retailers; food banks

The partners will develop innovative strategies to influence the consumer and cook relationship to food, both among out-of-home food professionals, and among households. Procedures, tools and training will be designed to improve the adjustment to real food needs, the stock control, the food choice (packaging) and conservation, the meal planning, the menu composition (in terms of taste and nutrition), the final use of unconsumed food, etc. In school canteens, a teaching approach will supplement these aspects, to induce an overall, recurrent consideration on the living environment, health, well-being, and the acquisition of new knowledge. At the point of sale, the interaction between customers and retailers will be intensified in order to guide the consumers in their choices and to enable the retailers to optimise their ordering and replenishment processes, in direct association with the producers, and especially with the local producers. In this context, the “product/packaging” duo and its optimisation in the light of the waste avoidance will be highlighted. Finally, special attention will be paid to the disadvantaged public and to food banks, for which any efficiency gain is vital.

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