Work methods

Work methods

The Action Plan is based on 4 communities of practice, whose operational objectives are:

to enable
to exemplify
to engage
to encourage

These should be mutually reinforcing, so that all of the conducted actions converge towards the expected result, i.e. food wastage avoidance.

The co-operation catalysed by GreenCook within the communities of practice gives the partners the keys for understanding and the tools for acting. This mutual learning is built gradually through the deliberations at the time of the transnational work groups, with the Steering Committee’s support, by the means of the living laboratories (which embody the pooling of the partners’ knowledge and know-how) and thanks to in situ visits of noteworthy good practices.

GreenCook gives rise to many outputs, tailored to the targeted audiences : practical handbooks and training modules, food audit tools, stock management software, smart decision-making and planning tools, cookbooks, awareness-raising video testimonials, etc.

A permanent network of GreenCook ambassadors will also emerge, which masters the results in order to better disseminated them, and which lays the basis for a strong communication strategy.

A “food wastage avoidance” criterion will be incorporated into the existing environmental certification or labelling procedures. Emulation and exemplarity are encouraged by the creation of a transnational trophy for packaging designers and chefs.

These results, cross-referenced with the lessons learnt from the dialogue platforms with sectoral actors external but influencing the project (e.g. food safety), will serve as a basis for the development of a truly transnational strategy. They will support a rational for political lobby to foster food wastage avoidance and the promotion of sustainable food management.

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